Breaking Barriers: become Automation Tester in 258 minutes.
10:30 - 11:30 Great Hall 3
Could automation be accessible and achievable for both programmers and non-programmers? Gear up for an inspiring talk that transforms apprehension into confidence. How Karate Test Automation Framework can be a catalyst for a cultural change? Combining the spirit of open-source with the finesse of out-of-the box solutions. In this 40-minute session you witness showcases of language-neutral built-in assertions, reports, and parallel test execution for lightning-fast results. Join us to witness the art of testing simplified, barriers shattered and leave the room with the roadmap of how you can master your martial art of automated testing, delivering powerful blows to bugs.
Anastasia Kutafina
During 10 years of the "dat's a bug, not a feature" Anastasia got her hands dirty in frontend and backend teams. This Murphy's law believer and if-it-hurts-do-more-often fan survived the move to the company far away from home and now holds interviews there. Anastasia is an ISTQB-TM and ISTQB-TA certified lector, author of the QA courses and with her university background in Computer Engineering preaches lifelong learning, while loving being a mentor of incredible talents.