Active Career Management
1:55 - 2:55 Student Alumni Room
As we know, finding jobs is challenging at best. Let's talk about finding the right job, the right company, and ways to stand out within a crowd of developers. These are thoughts and ideas that have been hardened through Coffee Chats with hundreds bootcamp and college students over several years. How does all of this impact individuals that are new to the development industry? What are some of the challenges that those of us with decades in the industry will have? This talk is for the new or transitioning developer; experienced developers should consider it, as well.
Bob Fornal
My focus is on front-end development: JavaScript, CSS, SVG, AngularJS and Angular, React, and Ionic. I commonly speak about Quality Engineering, Best Practices, and Front-End Technologies. "Learning from my mistakes over the decades, I feel that I have become a solid programmer." -- Me