Beyond Automation: Crafting Successful Quality Engineering Transformations
1:55 - 2:55 Great Hall 3
This talk is all about looking beyond the tools and focusing on the people behind the tech and how their skills, teamwork, and approach to work play a huge role in making any new effort successful. This talk will discuss why some efforts don't work out as hoped and how we might approach them differently, practical advice on being a successful change agent, and creating a culture that empowers our teams to grow their skills and get better at what they do.
Darrel Farris
Darrel has spent decades bringing great software and digital experiences to market, primarily focused in areas of quality and delivery. He's led both testing and technical sales teams, and advised and learned from hundreds of others during his time as Field CTO of mabl. Most recently, he joined Abstracta to bring their holistic, people-centered approaches to software testing and delivery to the United States.