Testing at MACH Speed
1:55 - 2:55 Student Alumni Room
Things we'll cover What is MACH architecture and why are companies like Express and Lego moved to it? Things to consider while test planning a MACH project. Dealing with the complexity of testing when phases run together aka What does E2E look like? Discussion and Tips on Testing Microservices and APIs (using REST) Challanges around cloud testing (both functional and performance tests) Testing the UI while the APIs are being built.
David Leslie
David fell into QA by accident when he signed up to test a CD-ROM digital magazine for CompuServe and never looked back. His current professional focus is on test strategies for MACH projects, cloud testing of mobile applications, warehouse/order management system testing, and searching for ways to automate functional tests at the speed of agile. When he’s not testing, he's watching the Alabama Crimson Tide and volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol where he works with young people interested in aerospace while working on his commercial drone pilot's license.