The 3 A’s: Agile, Automation, and AI
3:05 - 4:05 Senate Chamber
Agile, Automation and AI are all said to help our software development teams but what do they mean to our testing timelines. This talk will look at all three from the lens of how they can both help and hurt our test timelines and what we as testers can do about it.
David Leslie
David fell into QA by accident when he signed up to test a CD-ROM digital magazine for CompuServe and never looked back. His current professional focus is on test strategies for MACH projects, cloud testing of mobile applications, warehouse/order management system testing, and searching for ways to automate functional tests at the speed of agile. He also enjoys giving back to the QA community by mentoring new QA testers and attending events like QA or the Highway. When he’s not testing, he volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol as a Senior Member working with young people interested in aerospace while training to use sUAV (drones) for aerial photography used to support search and rescue efforts.