Extra-functional Testing: Improve How you Observe the System During Functional Testing
3:05 - 4:05 Great Hall 3
We typically distinguish between functional and non-functional testing, which might mislead to under prioritize some important aspects of the quality of the application we are testing. In many cases when the system is not secure, performant or accessible, its functionality is affected or it’s not functional at all. In this talk, I will show techniques and tools that we use that will help you improve your ability to observe the system while you are performing functional testing in order to provide feedback about the so-called “non-functional” properties. I will also discuss how to properly prioritize the different characteristics of the system in order to focus your efforts on what is more important to your business at each moment.
Federico Toledo
Federico is the co-founder and director of the software testing company Abstracta, and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLM, Spain. With almost 15 years of experience in software testing, he has participated in functional, automated and performance testing projects as an analyst, tester and project leader. He is also involved in testing education, having written one of the first books in Spanish on testing called "Introduction to Information Systems Testing". He is a co-founder of TestingUY, the biggest testing conference in Latin America. In 2019 he moved to California, USA, with his wife who is a researcher at UC Berkeley. In 2021 Federico graduated from the Stanford + LBAN SLEI, a 10-week program dedicated to Latino Entrepreneurs focused on how to scale their business.