Why Working with Product is Hard
1:55 - 2:55 Great Hall 3
As an QA person, your goal is to make software is ready for go-live. You even may be "Agile," working with a cross-functional team of engineers to create working code in iterations. Even so, meaningful collaborations with Product Owners and Product Managers are usually a challenge. Often these roles only show up only just before a release or when there is a customer-facing error. This behavior leaves the team, the QA department, or a solidary tester wondering how to prioritize their work for the maximum benefit to the organization. Achieving the QA mission without customer, user, or business input is difficult. What's more, getting it wrong can lead to re-work or costly product failure. This lack of engagement is a wide-spread problem that seems to have gotten even worse in recent years. Why? This lively session will reveal three key causes of this this lack of Product engagement. Participants will also be introduced to Product Thinking tools such as OKRs and User Story Mapping that tend to get better engagement from Product Managers and Organizational Leadership at large. You will go home with practical tips for fostering valuable conversations with Product and other roles who desperately need to understand the importance of QA.
Holly Bielawa
As a tech start-up founder and executive, I have launched many successful Products around the globe and have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented engineers and thought leaders in the field. My experience working with organizations large and small as they try to create Products has allowed me to see the patterns of success and failure. Along the way, I've dedicated myself to helping individuals and organizations use Product Thinking as a predictable path to success. It's awesome to work with Jeff Patton & Associates, heading our Product Coaching and Consulting efforts, helping organizations implement ways of working that shift their focus away from creating output. Through training, coaching, and consulting, we empower their people to organize and collaborate to deliver outcomes and impacts that create predictable market success.