Transition from Testing to Leadership
9:15 - 10:15 Great Hall 3
Interactive, engaging discussion on how you can advance your career by moving from the typical thinking of a software tester to the broad perspective of improving quality - the big “Q”uality. We'll talk about technical skills and knowledge, as well as “often harder to learn” soft skills that will separate you from others and start you on the path to being a great leader. Whether your goal is to stay technical or move into management, these leadership skills will set you up for success. Join us for a joint presentation with DHL and discover: 1. How improving “Q”uality can improve your team, your career and your company 2. DHL Supply Chain's unique perspective on growing leaders in their organization
Jeff Van Fleet
After almost 20 years of developing and managing complex software/hardware systems for both commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) applications, Jeff founded Lighthouse Technologies in 2000 with the aim of delivering software systems on-time, on-money, and on-quality, while building an intentional culture of caring, growing, and improving – A “Culture of We”.
John Townsend
John has over 25 years leading large complex software teams and excels at delivering quality system solutions in short timelines. He is a Change Agent with the unique ability to solve complex business issues utilizing software and automation across multiple business functions. John prides himself on his ability to motivate and inspire his teams to collaborate, proactively communicate,and exceed expectations in complex environments via hands on mentoring. He is also a financial steward who finds innovative ways to implement cost effective results in a highly competitive environment.