Egos & Silos: Why NOTHING is working!
1:55 - 2:55 Great Hall 1 & 2
This spirited conversation will address the common barriers to successful testing programs, including individual agendas, organizational structures, and funding availability. Join us for what’s sure to be spirited conversation focused on the following: - Developers’ requirements! Testers’ requirements! QA’s requirements! … How do we accommodate EVERYONE?!?!? - My Development Team is here in Columbus. Our Testing Team is in Taiwan. All our QA is done in our Austin, TX office … How do we get ANYTHING done effectively?!?!? - Our never ending ERP upgrade is going on year 5. We’re close to making our new HR platform investment decision. I need to hire AT LEAST 6 more staff members this year. How am I going to fund my 6-18 mos. testing initiative?!?!?
Jeremy Emberling
I work with market leading firms to collaboratively define and execute testing strategies. From defining (and refining) initiative requirements to identifying existing process challenges and improvement opportunities, I share what I’ve learned with those who are working to plan and/or optimize their testing approach. Best in class testing is NOT easy, but it can be achieved.
Chad Brace
I’m your local Columbus, OH testing automation “go to.” Jeremy and I collaborate with those who lead testing programs in an effort support their planning and/or optimization initiatives.