Comparing the four popular opensource automation tools
10:30 - 11:30 Student Alumni Room
"One Size doesn't fit all" - Similarly there is no one automation framework that worked for one company will be best fit for the other. With so many popular opensource automation technologies available, it is a challenge for Automation Engineers to identify a tool that is best suited for their team and company needs. For a while now, the go to resource for the research has been the paid sources like “Gartner” which unfortunately losing their edge in the market by favoring only commercial tools. In this presentation, we would like to emphasize on four popular open-source web automation tools (Selenium, Playwright, Cypress, Test Cafe) that any company can benefit from. We will be comparing these frameworks based on same benchmark with certain parameters. This talk also focuses on the working examples and clearly differentiates the capabilities of Selenium, Playwright, Cypress, and Test Cafe. The audience would leave the session with clear understanding on what these frameworks are and how they work, so they can choose which one to use in the future.
Krishna Bandarupalli
Krishna Bandarupalli is a QA Team Lead at Encova Insurance, providing Manual, Automation and Performance testing services to the company. Krishna has over 8 years of experience in Quality Assurance industry. Krishna started his career as a Manual Tester, transitioned to Automation. Krishna as a tester worked with retail and insurance domains, the tech stack included both legacy and modern applications. Krishna, like many of QA resources, enjoys finding defects and automate applications. When Krishna is not working, he loves to play his two kids. Krishna likes to read and grows a vegetable garden in spring and summer.