Engineering the Future: A Deep Dive into Prompt Engineering
10:30 - 11:30 Student Alumni Room
Engineering the Future: A Deep Dive into Prompt Engineering is a comprehensive session that explores the futuristic world of the Prompt Engineering. This talk will explain what the prompt engineering is and will guide them through the process of structuring the prompts to effectively communicate with generative AI models. The Key takeaways include: - Understanding the Prompt Engineering: Learn what Prompt Engineering is, why it is important to equip with this skill and how it is shaping the future - Prompt Types: Discuss different types of prompts such as direct prompts, prompt with examples and chain-of-thought prompts - Best practices: Do's and Dont's to get the optimal responses - Applications: Real world examples on the application of Prompt Engineering, in multiple domains. This session is designed for anyone who is interested in AI, machine learning and Tech. Whether you’re a seasoned AI practitioner or a curious beginner, this talk will provide valuable insights into the art and science of Prompt Engineering. Join us as we engineer the future of AI!
Krishna Bandarupalli
Krishna Bandarupalli is a dynamic QA Team Lead at Encova Insurance, spearheading comprehensive Manual, Automation, and Performance testing services within the organization. With an extensive career spanning over 9 years in the Quality Assurance industry, Krishna has evolved from a proficient Manual Tester to an adept Automation specialist. Krishna's expertise encompasses diverse sectors, including retail and insurance domains, where he has seamlessly navigated through both legacy and modern applications. His passion lies in the meticulous identification of defects and the strategic automation of applications to enhance efficiency and reliability. Beyond the professional realm, Krishna finds joy in his role as a devoted parent to two children, actively engaging in quality family time. During his leisure, he immerses himself in the world of audio programs, DIY activities and nurtures a flourishing vegetable garden during the spring and summer seasons. Krishna's commitment to excellence and his multifaceted interests make him a valuable asset both in and out of the testing arena.