Team Leadership in the time of remote silence
12:45 - 1:45 Student Alumni Room
In last few years there was a huge change in our industry - Remote Work. Lots of changes had to be rapidly implemented in organisations, but were they? Remote work, lockdowns, office restrictions and others. This was a huge hit to many of our workspaces. Where most of us had to be sent do work from home mode. Some of the organisations in parallel with the restrictions found opportunities to evolve, remote work allowed remote candidates. Office restrictions make wider doors for home office and many more. Some of them just let the work gone its way without any rapid changes on the way of working. Hoping that we as the employees will manage ourselfs. In the result of that many leaders who were great in chats in the kitchen over a cup of tea faced a brand new world of remote relationships and conversations cultivation. - How this change has affected us as team leaders and managers? - Did we had the support we needed from organisational perspective? - Are we meeting over-loaded? - Are the teams struggling with being tired all the time? - Do we still can have work-life balance and is it the same thing as it was before? - How it has affected our communities/guilds/teams/organisations. Let’s talk about the challenges and how can we try to manage the expectations from our teams? How to build teams and lead them in not remote first organisations, but keep connections sparkling.
Michal Buczko
Michal is a Competence Lead for Software Quality Assurance at Viessmann where he is the advocate for focus on the Quality Processes of Deliveries. He is a fan of fast and efficient testing. Michal gives his insights in design of the test harness and solutions for industrialisation projects, the definition of the scope of testing and efficient test reporting. Michal feels responsible for sharing “new-fancy stuff” with others and helping people grow as individuals. He is involved in various activities including quality management, project consulting and requirements analysis. Now sharing his experience as a Quality Management Consultant. In his free time Michal spends time on archery, feeder fishing or enjoying a glass of rum.