Back to Basics (or Maybe the Obvious), but Often Forgotten
12:45 - 1:45 Great Hall 1 & 2
In the rapidly evolving IT industry, cutting-edge technologies and methodologies often overshadow the fundamental principles that underpin general effectiveness. "Back to Basics (or maybe the Obvious), but Often Forgotten" seeks to shed light on some of the essential, yet often overlooked, aspects of work that are crucial for driving success. Session Objectives: explore and rediscover some of the foundational elements of work life, human relations, and corporate culture that make work "work". Who Should Attend: This session is tailored for professionals across all levels looking to enhance their organization's culture and project outcomes. It will also benefit those interested in the human aspects of technology work. Takeaways: Attendees might gain a different perspective on some of the fundamental aspects that are pivotal to the success of projects and the development of a thriving corporate culture. They might leave with practical strategies for enhancing team collaboration, leadership effectiveness, and project management efficiency.
Newton Olivieri
I've been in the IT industry for over 20 years, mostly in or around Quality Assurance and Testing. The more well-known companies I've been with are Motorola, Samsung, McGraw-Hill Education, and currently JPMorgan Chase. Husband. Father. Multilingual. Multi-instrument musician. Avid music listener. Puzzle solver. Home Chef. Basement gym goer. Movie/TV Show watcher. Podcast and Audiobook listener, slightly less so book reader. Chess player. Borderline overthinker. Recently converted cat-person. My last MBTI test suggests ENTP. I'm an Automation Developer focused on Process Improvement and Quality Engineering determined to create solutions for teams wishing to increase the efficacy and efficiency of their processes through Data Analysis and a collection of Checklists.