Leading Quality: How the world’s most successful tech companies deliver high-quality software and accelerate growth
8:00 - 9:00 East Ballroom
In this talk, Ronald will cover 3 main ideas: - How to create a culture of quality that supports growth - How to align teams to your Company growth metric - How to drive better customer experience with Local Personas A single bug report forever changed the way I thought about QA. I was approached by a tech company experiencing rapid global growth, with the exception of Indonesia. After conducting a localised functional test, we found the ‘last name’ field was compulsory when signing up to the app. But - why wouldn’t you enter a last name? Why was this so significant? It turns out that 40% of the Indonesian population doesn’t have a surname (due to the country’s political history) and therefore couldn’t sign up. Once this field was removed, user adoption increased and unlocked a market of 262 million people. We already knew testing could provide valuable results, but it was this particular case that showed us it’s true value, and how it has a measurable impact on business growth. By searching deeper, to figure out if this case was just an outlier, I interviewed over 120 of the world’s top leaders in QA and Engineering from companies such as Etsy, Google, Airbnb, HelloFresh and more. I was able to uncover how the world’s most successful tech companies deliver high-quality software and accelerate growth - the focus of my talk. I discovered that, at the heart of every successful quality team, was a leader who had determined how to effectively leverage quality strategy to accelerate business growth. Learn the secret to how the world’s top-performing QA and Engineering leaders change cultures of quality, to one that allows them to deliver high-quality software with speed, and accelerate the growth of their business. Learn how they shift company perspectives on the value of testing, to future-proofing your product for world-class customer experiences.
Ronald Cummings-John
Ronald Cummings-John is the Co-Founder of Global App Testing, alongside Owais Peer. Sharing a vision to revolutionise software testing, Ronald has established Global App Testing as a market leader, offering a simple and effective way for brands to release high-quality applications with confidence. Today, Global App Testing offers scaled, global QA testing, utilising its network of over 90,000 testers worldwide. The company works with the major players such as Google, Canon, BBC, Microsoft, Warner Brothers and more. Ronald is a true visionary, pioneer and thought-leader in educating enterprises the world over on how they can improve and invoke a culture of Quality across their teams an organization. In 2019, he co-authored an Amazon best-seller: ‘Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High-Quality Software & Accelerate Growth’ which comes highly acclaimed by leaders across the QA and tech industry. Further contributions to the industry include co-founding Testathon, a global hackathon community for elite testers, with events held worldwide from Sao Paulo to Stockholm. Having completed a number of high-profile engagements as well as private exec audiences, Ronald is an engaging and thought-leader in the QA sector.