Understanding the Continuous Testing Metrics That Matter
3:05 - 4:05 Student Alumni Room
Continuous testing plays a strategic role in enabling DevOps and ensuring the quality of business-critical and customer-facing applications. Measuring and tracking the right KPIs and ensuring they’re widely available across your teams are keys to success and driving a culture of quality. In this session, we’ll cover why it’s so important to track quality metrics and which of those metrics are the most useful. You’ll also have a chance to see the mabl platform, and how the ease and scalability of tests help you achieve your core metrics and showcase the great work of your QA team. You will learn: - How to identify the right KPIs for your team - Ways to align continuous testing metrics with company goals - Strategies to leverage data to booth team collaboration How to leverage mabl to achieve team and business objectives Whether you are just getting started on your test automation journey, or you are an automation veteran, everyone will take away impactful measurement strategies.
Sarah Geisinger
Sarah Geisinger (she/her) is a Solutions Engineer at mabl, where she works closely with quality engineering teams to expand software testing and improve product quality. An experienced sales and solutions engineer, Sarah is dedicated to helping software testers grow their skills and contribute to better customer experiences through low-code test automation.