Component Testing: Bridging the gap for frontend applications
10:30 - 11:30 Great Hall 1 & 2
What are the most popular frameworks for website development that you’ve encountered today? It might be React, VueJS, Svelte, Angular, or HTMX. While original in their designs, a common theme for modern web development is to build using separate components that comprise a full web page. However, most testing occurs directly at a page-level, and usually only in a later stages or during “handoffs.” This creates a problem where there is a gap between unit and feature testing. Enter component testing: picture it as “unit testing,” but for individual web components. In this demo, we will demonstrate how modern test frameworks, like Cypress and WebDriverIO, allow for component testing, to “shift left” and perform regressions earlier in the cycle. This allows feature testing to be more focused and less comprehensive, while uniting a stronger formula for an automated test plan overall.
Zachary Hamm
I am a software engineer who has designed many automation frameworks over the years, collecting experience and best practices across expansive industry landscapes. Between healthcare, banking, and insurance, I’ve known driving small startups and large corporations to trusting that success comes from knowing their products are distinctly well-tested. Outside of tech, I’d have taken a different path as a musician and songwriter, with many years of experience behind audio interfaces and a guitar. It’s still a dream. I also enjoy board games, movies, gardening, and the great feelings of being with my friends and family. I hope that my presentations bring new knowledge, and that we can bring forth a more wholesome culture within the tech community.